Staying Motivated With a Chronic Disease Like Hypoparathyroidism

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hypoparathyroidism and staying motivated

If you have a rare chronic disease such as hypoparathyroidism you sometimes may feel isolated and misunderstood. Symptoms such as muscle aches or cramps, fatigue, patchy hair loss, and abnormal hand sensations, coupled with a lifelong treatment regimen, may diminish your motivation.

These tips may help.

Follow your body clock

To have a productive day, you should try to follow your personal body clock. There may be times during the day or at night when your symptoms are more manageable. Try to schedule tasks for when your energy levels are at their highest.

Reducing tasks

Breaking down tasks into smaller goals can help lessen stress and promote feelings of accomplishment. As a result, it may lead to more accomplishments and improve your overall well-being.

Perhaps you are reorganizing and want to relocate several small items to another room, for example. Because hypoparathyroidism can cause weakness, you may want to spread the task across two or three days. When you’ve accomplished your goals, consider rewarding yourself with something you like.

Develop and maintain support

Members of an effective support network encourage and support each other, which is important for physical and mental health. Positive support from friends, family, peers, and colleagues can make you more resilient, particularly since hypoparathyroidism can aggravate depression and affect your quality of life.

While they do not take the place of counseling, support groups can be beneficial because they are made up of people facing similar challenges as you. Groups meet, in person or virtually, to give support, share practical advice, and offer each other encouragement.

Make time to rest

Like many chronic diseases, hypoparathyroidism often causes you to feel tired. So, be sure to schedule time each day to rest or relax, and apprise your family or caregiver. When the time comes to rest, focus on nothing else. This is important for your emotional and physical health.

Be transported with music or a book

Music can be restorative to counter feeling down. Turn on your favorite sounds and get lost in the moment. One song may move you spiritually, while another may help you relax. If you need to get moving, an upbeat tune may be just the ticket.

Likewise, a good book can lift your spirits. Or it can introduce you to another country or culture, and maybe motivate you to learn more.

Enjoy nature

If you are feeling up to it, and the weather permits, go outside. Walking in a park, or having a seat in the sun by some water or flowers, may help relieve feelings of nervousness and anxiety. If you can’t go out, consider raising a window and letting fresh air and the sound of birds singing motivate you.


Last updated: Nov. 13, 2020


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